Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black and Brown...can they be combined?

Lately, I have found it almost impossible to find a good pair of flats.  While at Carson Pierre Scott, I found this great pair of Bandolino black and brown flats.  I was excited because I only have to purchase one pair and not two; usually I would buy a black pair and a brown pair.  This way, I can wear them with either a black or brown outfit.  Then, I remembered that a good friend of mine suggested that I write about the combination of black and brown in interior decorating; her and her husband recently renovated their kitchen using this combination.  I am sure you have heard the fashion rule that you can not mix black and brown. This rule also applied to interiors, however, it does not seem to apply anymore.  I am a former believer and follower of this rule, but it seems that I have been proven wrong. This combination of black and brown seems to be popping up more and more in fashion and interiors. 

Bandolino Shoe

Let me give you a little background on these colors.  Both black and brown are neutral colors.  When paired together in a space, they can create an elegant or contemporary feel, especially if you add another neutral color such as a cream or off-white.  Another great idea is to add a pop of color such as an orange or a red.  The two neutrals, black and brown, will really make the bold color stand out.  You can use the bold color for accents, such as throws or vases.  Black and brown, paired together, gives a feeling of luxury, especially if you use rich fabrics and textures.  This pairing can also be very dark and sensual; a more masculine feel. There are different values for both black and brown, so trying using gray or taupe to create a calming, more modern feel.  If you hang anything on the wall, such a painting or a photograph, these neutral colors will really make the wall decor stand out, since black and brown will not take away from other colors, hence the idea of a neutral.  Another cool idea is to use a wall paper that combines the two colors, maybe a flocked damask, this makes it easier to pull the scheme together.  If you prefer to stick with paint on the walls, try using a rug that combines neutrals colors.  The most important thing to remember when decorating with this combination is to create contrast in the room.  Try not to use chocolate brown and black, instead, use a tan or off-white.  This will create the contrast that you want.  When in doubt, add white!  Check out some of these black and brown may become a follower of this trend too!

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