Friday, October 29, 2010

Art Clusters....better than just one single piece of art? You be the judge...

While meeting with a new client last week, we discussed some ideas for the re-design of her family room and the idea for a feature art wall.  This particular client, and her daughter, love to create their own artwork and showcase it throughout their home.  On one wall, the client had hung a beautiful painting, of her daughter, that she, herself, created.  We knew this was a piece we had to keep in our new design.  There were many other paintings and photographs, scattered throughout the house, that we knew we wanted to use.  As I began thinking more about this feature art wall , the idea of art clusters came to me!  Why not create a feature art wall with multiple pieces instead of just one large piece?? The painting alone looked fine, but why not try to incorporate more of this clients artwork on to her new feature wall? Why not make it more interesting? More eclectic? Why not add more color and texture?  Why not make this wall the focal point of the entire space?

There are many ways to organize art clusters.  The easiest way to begin is by creating an overall grid (total length and width) in which to work.  Here are some different ways to hang art work in clusters. Don't forget, you can mix and match the content of the artwork or you can keep it the same, either way, this is going to make your artwork look much more interesting and give you a focal point in your space!
Evenly sized and spaced
A mix of horizontal and vertical

Different shapes, sizes and content
Different shapes and sizes. Similar content
*Photos from House Beautiful , Chicago Home and Garden, Traditional Home and Domino*

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